FarmCrest specialty chickens are raised on a family farm in BC's North Okanagan. FarmCrest has over 50 years experience raising poultry to the highest humane and ethical standards.

A traditional diet. FarmCrests's chickens are fed a traditional homemade all-vegetable diet, vitamins and minerals, free of animal by-products, hormones and antibiotics. Most of these ingredients are grown right on the farm.

Quality Assured. Having their own on-farm hatchery, feed mill, grow barns and processing plant means we are assured of the highest standards from beginning to end. We have also eliminated the trucking of live birds.

Unique. All of these features combine to make their operation unique. The result - a uniquely flavourful and healthy chicken which you will love.





Our specialty turkeys come from Farm Fed in the Fraser Valley.  What makes these high quality birds so delicious is the natural diet of grain, minerals, vitamins, without any added antibiotics or animal by-products. These turkeys are raised in spacious, well-ventilated barns and have access to fresh water and feed daily. They are a federally inspected plant and HACCP certified.  What also seperates our turkeys is the care and attention provided by the small farms where they are raised.